By Kyle Smendziuk

  • February 15, 2022

The 7 Best Construction Website Designs

Looking for web design inspiration for your construction website? Whether you build custom homes or renovate old ones, the last thing you want to do is sit around and wait for new projects.

In 2021, this has everything to do with your website. When your website is properly designed and optimized, your construction website can generate leads for you consistently.

As a web design and digital marketing agency, we take pride in designing sleek high-converting websites like those below.

Don’t know where to start? Let’s look at some great construction website examples.

Here’s our list of the 7 best construction website designs of 2021. If you like what you see, send us a quick message!

1. Claridge Homes

One great way to keep users engaged is by designing a website that’s both sleek and interactive. This is all about directing users along their journey, and it starts with a clear & concise homepage design. With 94% of first impression factors are design related, we can confidently say that Claridge Homes sets a positive appeal from the very beginning.

2. Halligan Homes

Halligan Homes’ website features a contact form in the most viewed section of their website: above the fold on the homepage. In our recent blog on contact form best practices, we outlined 8 factors crucial to form contact form success and Halligan Homes achieves each one. Looking to improve your conversion rate? Take notes!

3. Brock Contracting

Brock Contracting’s website is a clear representation of modern simplicity. When you limit the amount of elements on a website, you carefully guide users to the most important elements of a page. These important elements include their main call to action and services. If you ask me, this is a great demonstration that simple designs go a long way.

4. Sweenor Builders

Website image galleries are difficult to incorporate but very rewarding when done correctly. On Sweenor’s website, one look is all you need to know they’ve found a solution. Have a look for yourself, they make use of professional photography, videography and dynamic elements to get the most content possible from a single project.

5. Shaddock Homes

Visual hierarchy is a design aspect which Shaddock Homes gets spot on with their hero banner and effective use of color & contrast. A website’s most viewed pages are often going to be the home page, blogs and services pages. In this case, Shaddock benefits from an additional high-traffic page: their frequently asked questions page.

6. Grand Design Build

Grand Design & Build offers a suite of construction and renovations services for both residential and commercial sectors and makes it very clear from the home page. Not sure how to incorporate all the colors of your brand? Take note of this approach where Grand Design & Build uses a photo of a home with orange wood to match with the orange elements of their brand.

7. Jova Construction

Sometimes, the best approach to web design is by thinking outside the box. In this case, Jova Construction thinks inside the box, or actually – inside the title block. Sticking to what they know best, Jova Construction’s web design provides a professional appeal with creative website architecture and photos of past projects.

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