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  • July 18, 2022

Top 10 IT Web Design Examples

A properly optimized online presence will go a long way to helping your company achieve new heights! In the digital age, it is important to take the proper care when building your website to ensure your online presence is working for you, not against you.

We understand that it can be overwhelming trying to figure out what steps need to be taken to fully optimize your IT company’s website. As web design experts, we know the key elements to include. We’ve gathered a list of our top website design examples for companies operating in your industry. Take a look for some inspiration below.

esentire eSentire

eSentire has done an excellent job at building out the content on their website. This provides site visitors with valuable information that will help them make an informed decision. They have also included a video on their homepage. This is an excellent way to engage visitor s, and help keep them on the website for longer. This website is a great example of IT web design.

saritasa Saritasa

The vibrant deep blue and orange colour scheme is immediately engaging to the customer. Including the metrics about their business and client testimonials on the home page is an excellent way to build trust with potential customers. These factors combined with the calls to action throughout the site make this an well-designed IT website.

plative Plative

The black, white, and deep red colour scheme of this website gives it an extremely professional and sleek feel to it. It is extremely easy to navigate. They have also included plenty of content throughout the site to provide potential customers with all the information they require. Overall this is a great website.

skelia Skelia

The Skelia website is extremely well built out. They have also done a great job at building trust with potential customers by providing detailed metrics about their company’s successes. These factors combined with the detailed client testimonials being prominently displayed on the homepage make this site a cut above its competitors.

visartech Visartech

The black and orange colour scheme makes this site extremely eye-catching right away. They have done a great job at giving their site a very sleek and easily navigable feel. Using multimedia such as videos on their site makes for an extremely engaging experience. These factors combined with the ever-important calls to action make this an impressive website.

techsoft Techasoft

Immediately upon entering the site you are greeted with a call to action. The blue and white colour scheme gives the website a very clean and calm feel, which helps contribute to a positive user experience. They have done a great job of building trust with customers by prominently displaying their client testimonials on the home page. Overall, this website is quite well done.

pontem Pontem Innovations

The vibrant purple colour scheme of the website is immediately engaging for the customer without being overwhelming. The website is extremely sleek and easy to navigate. These factors combined with the prominent calls to action through the site make for an extremely impactful end product.

adastra Adastra

The Adastra colour scheme is extremely vibrant and eye-grabbing. They have also done a great job at providing high-quality content for potential clients. These two factors combined with the prominent calls to action, and overall navigability of the website make for a beautiful user experience.

pemeco Pemeco

The deep blue and white colour scheme of the Pemeco website gives it a very sleek and professional feel. They have worked hard to provide plenty of information on their site as well to help engage clients. Displaying company metrics on the home page is another excellent way to build trust with potential clients.

computan Computan

The Computan website has everything. They have a sleek and easily navigable website that provides useful information for potential customers. They have prominent calls to action throughout the website and have also done a great job at providing company metrics and client testimonials as trust builders.

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